I'm alanna

I'm an ex-UK government policy official turned writer for the Screen & Stage.

Both my fiction and non-fiction work champion different ways of seeing and being in the world. I tell stories to that challenge societal expectations & empower difference.

John Yorke  Story for Screenwriting Accredited

Young Vic Theatre London ‘Neighbourhood Voices’ Alumni 2022

The subversive queer undertones of The Power Rangers

Celebrating Netflix’s new feature film release, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

It was Christmas 1995 and I was visiting Father Christmas in a department store somewhere in Sussex. I looked the old guy straight in the eye and told him exactly, in no uncertain terms, what I wanted for Christmas; the Red Power Ranger outfit. Presenting as a young girl at the time, old St. Nick looked at me and frowned; “but you’re a girl, surely you want to be the Pink Ranger?”. I visibly recoiled in

The X-Files | Why Fox Mulder is a Queer Icon

In 1995, when I was eight years old, I became fixated on the character of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). As I look back, this was surprising for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I was far too young to be watching a TV program featuring serial killers, violent cults, and gross sewer worms (don’t watch The X-Files episode ‘The Host’ – S2, Ep2). Secondly, it was a little strange that I had such a strong affinity with a 30-year-old fictitious male. Why Mulder and not the incredible, more relatable Dana S

Severance Crafted a New Language in Sci-Fi

There has been so much buzz this year about Apple TV+’s Severance. Directed by Ben Stiller, written by Dan Erickson, and starring Adam Scott, the show has been described as a ‘genre-bending original’ and placed everywhere from dystopian sci-fi to ‘black comedy’. As a result, the show has managed to impressively straddle both mainstream culture while grabbing the interest of sci-fi audiences. Nothing better illustrates Severance’s universal appeal than the fact that it was both the star of 2022’s

The X-Files | The Case for Monica Reyes

Special Agent Monica Reyes flew into the lives of us X-philes in 2001 during The X-Files Season 8’s extended manhunt for Mulder. While Season 8 delicately introduced the new agent, Season 9 would see Agent Reyes and Doggett confidently take the metaphorical baton from Mulder and Scully as the lead investigators of the X-Files. Actor Annabeth Gish would enjoy a 19-episode run between 2001 and 2002 and would return, albeit fleetingly, for Season 10 and 11 in 2016 and 18.

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